Different great cruise options

Vacations can often be a surprisingly large source of stress for some people. Of course we try to make our vacations so that we have relax and have fun but if we are trying to go more than one place there is often a lot of stress about making flights or the train and where to change connections and if we are traveling in a foreign country how to do all of this in a language that we do not understand. Don’t get me wrong, traveling under almost any conditions are absolutely worth it but for people who do not deal with stress well or easily get overwhelmed it can be a difficult thing to handle sometimes.

There are of course a few different options for travel that take steps to take care of things a little bit more for you. A lot of the all inclusive cruises or anything that is on the more extravagant side like that tend to take a lot of the decision making process and the stress of doing anything yourself out of traveling. All you have to do is pick a cruise that is going where you would be interested in going and what kind of options or amenities you find the most important on your vacations and then you are more or less done. Once you get on the ship there is nothing stressful to figure out or decide on other than making sure that you show up for your spa appointment on time.

regent cruiseThis method of finding vacations that are all planned out for you does take a lot if not all of the adventure out of a vacation but that also means taking out a lot if not all of the difficulties, problems, confusions and stress. For some people it is much more worth it to have a packaged and sold experience where they know that they will not have to worry too much about anything. If ever you come into problems on something like an all inclusive cruise, there is almost nothing that the full on board staff can’t take care of for you.

The most that you will have to do on any cruise is to decide on what you are going to do that day, which, given how many options some of these big cruise lines such as Regent Cruise Destinations have, that in itself can also actually be a bit of a difficult decision at times. If you pick one of the longer cruise periods you will probably have enough time to check out all of the different activities offered while if you go with one of the shorter, five to seven day cruises that Regent Cruise Destinations offers you might have to do a little bit more planning and looking around in order to do all of the things that look interesting to you. Even though you are trapped on a boat you would be shocked at how many things they pack on to entertain you.

I’ve been dreaming of a luxury cruise

I have a dream of one day taking a long, extensive luxury cruise as a big get away from life.  To me it just sounds like the perfect vacation.  Floating on the ocean, living in a cabin that has all of the amenities of a posh hotel, having all the fine food and drink I could possibly want.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I recently found out that you can book an all-inclusive cruise package that starts in Vancouver, British Columbia and goes all the way to New York, New York!  They call this kind of cruise a repositioning cruise, when they are moving a particular ship from one set of ports to another (in this case, moving a ship from the Pacific Ocean over to the Atlantic Ocean while they are at it).  Of course, just because a repositioning cruise is accomplishing something that the cruise line needs to happen does not mean that it is any less fantastic than any other cruise.  To the contrary, it can be a truly amazing experience.

As an example, that Vancouver to New York cruise is like taking four or five cruises back to back to back.  It starts with an Alaska cruise – going all the way up north into the Bearing Sea, following the spectacular scenery of the Alaskan coast (and the migratory pattern of a lot of whales!).  The ship then turns back and loops down to San Francisco, where you can disembark and enjoy the pleasures of one of the most interesting and vibrant cities on the United States’ Pacific coast.  From San Francisco it is down the California coast to Mexico and a trip through the Panama Canal.  How exciting is that?   I know that I would love to sail through Panama!

Once the cruise ship is through the canal, the trip turns into a cruise through Mexico’s Gulf coast and into the Caribbean Sea.  So after experiencing the trip through the Pacific, you then get to have the warm weather and island hopping experience of what most Americans consider “taking a cruise”.  All the warm weather activities, exotic locales, and off ship fun that happens in the Caribbean becomes the focus for a week!  From there, the cruise goes north along the Atlantic coast, stopping in some of the Southern cities like Charleston or Savannah (each cruise can be a little different, depending on a few factors).  The cruise then goes all the way up to the maritime coast of Canada, sailing off of Greenland and Newfoundland and Nova Scotia – a trip that many people book just on its own!

Finally, the relocation cruise pulls into good old New York as its final stop.  At that point, if you got on board in Vancouver you could have been on the ship for two months!  And since the regent all-inclusive cruise packages include the airfare to and from the trip, you would just get on a plane at JFK Airport and head off.  Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!

Regent all-inclusive cruise package

Regent luxury cruises end vacation hassles

Planning a vacation can be a nightmare.  Between picking a destination, getting airfare together, lodging and other accommodations, renting a car, and figuring out where to eat it can be such a burden that you almost forget that it is supposed to be a good time.  One of the easiest ways to make sure that all of your vacation needs are taken care of is to book an all-inclusive cruise package.  Here are just a few reasons why booking a cruise can remove the headaches from planning your vacation:

Simplicity – “All-inclusive cruise” means just that; everything you will need for your trip is included in the single booking.  Cruise options like Regent all-inclusive cruises have everything from airfare to breakfast included in their price.  That means that you do not have to worry about any additional costs or reservations for the duration of your trip.  You will never need to look for things to do or do extra research just to find out what is fun to do – and if you do not want to do the things that are available in a given port, the crew of the ship can point you to what they have seen as the best things to do.  And since any modern cruise ship will have a variety of at least three or four star restaurants on it, you will not need to go searching for options when it is late at night and you just want something to eat.

Variety – One of the greatest things about cruises is that they do not just stay at one place.  A Caribbean cruise typically visits seven or more islands over the course of the cruise.  And since each island is a unique place, that means that you will get to experience at least six or seven different destinations!  A Mediterranean cruise might stop in a number of different ports, giving you the chance to experience North African markets, Greek islands, and Italian villas all on the same trip!

Fun – Even without leaving the cruise ship, there are always a lot of activities and entertainment options on board the vessel.  Many famous performers get their start by working in shows on cruise ships, and what is better than getting to see great performers before they are famous?  Also, a cruise ship employs a number of people whose sole job it is to make certain that there are enough activities, excursions, and fun things to do for their entire ship full of guests.  I know that I like the idea of having someone on my vacation who is paid just to make sure that I enjoy myself!

The bottom line is that booking a Regent luxury cruise can make your vacation both infinitely simpler and as fun as possible.  Even if you do not choose to partake in the numerous opportunities for enjoyment that the ship will have available, there is something to be said for just relaxing on deck while somebody continuously brings you free drinks!

Regent all-inclusive

All-Inclusive Cruise Packages Are The Way To Go

If you’re planning a vacation, do your research and make sure you do it right. Your hard-earned money deserves to be spent on a vacation package that has good value, and I for one wouldn’t settle for anything less. You’re an intelligent, responsible guy and I’m sure that you’ve made decisions a lot tougher than deciding whether you want to fly to Barbados or take a Regent all-inclusive cruiseRegent all-inclusive cruise to somewhere exotic. What I like about cruises is that they are so easy, because everything that you could possibly want or need is provided under the all-inclusive umbrella, so you don’t have to carry around cash. In fact, you could just walk around in your swimsuit all day long carrying only your room key in your pocket. The mini bar in your suite is promptly refreshed everyday, complimentary, 24 hour room service is available and there are even movies on demand if you feel like catching a flick. Life can actually be pretty normal on a boat if you want it to be, or you can make it interesting by going on as many shore excursions as you want. And, when you’re all done doing that you can stop by the on-board spa and steam rooms. There are pools, fitness rooms, great restaurants and day time entertainment provided and that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. Um, maybe not the best choice of words considering that the great Titanic sank after striking the tip of an iceberg, but that’s neither here nor there. The Titanic had a major design flaw and that is why it perished, the cruise ships today are structurally sound and designed by some of the greatest minds in the world.

There’s really no safer way to travel long distances to tell you the truth, it can obviously take some time though, but if it’s time you’ve got then maybe you’d be interested in a 20, 50 or even a 100 day cruise. It’s like when I’m traveling by land and time is of no consequence, train is a comfortable and luxurious way to go. Ok, back to all-inclusive cruise packages, it’s really an awesome way to go if you’re looking to just relax and have a good time. Sometimes people want activity-packed vacations that require a lot of energy, but I’d rather just sit back and chill, wouldn’t you? Even if you’re a go go go kind of person, it’s important to learn how to just relax every now and then, a Regent luxury cruise is a good way to go about doing that. You can sit back and be fat and happy, enjoying in-suite dining served one course at a time, and the finest wines and beverages in the world. Delicious food, rich and decadent desserts, fresh fruit, anything you could ever want in terms of satisfying your taste buds is easily within reach all the time. Be prepared to gain a little weight if you can’t control yourself, but keep in mind that you can always hit the on-board gym if you’re feeling guilty.

Combine Dancing With An All-Inclusive Cruise Package For The Vacation Of Your Dreams

One of the little known secrets about ballroom and west coast swing dancing is just how many cruise options there are to enjoy either of these past times. Almost anyone who dabbles in dancing knows that there are competitions all over the country and all over the world, and there is one somewhere nearly every weekend of the year. But nowhere near as many people realize that the cruise option exists for dancing, including all-inclusive luxury cruises. These cruises offer some of the best staff, championship dancers to teach lessons and put on shows, amazing food, and beautiful scenery. Stops in some of the most famous ports top off these all-inclusive cruise packages and make them well worth your time and energy.

Dancing can be expensive, between the lessons, dances, shoes, and competitions. Even if you do not compete, the instruction itself can be cost prohibitive. Most people who love dancing pour their heart and soul into it, as well as their disposable income. This leaves almost no additional money for luxuries such as traveling, but with a ballroom dancing all-inclusive cruise package, you can do both. Getting to travel and getting to dance at the same time is thrilling, and offers a wide variety of options and combinations. Different types of dance and different locations, along with different instructors, ships, and food can provide quite the variety of choice.

If you are trying to figure out how to book your next vacation without cutting anything out of your dancing, this is the way to go. With thousands of square feet of dance floor available, along with swimming pools, sunshine, and beautiful ports during the day, these cruises really offer the best of both worlds. No longer do you have to pick between two things that you love. Now you can do them together. Seeing the world while also getting to do the dancing that you love might have seemed impossible on a budget, but with these packages, you can afford to do both because you are combining the two expenses into one.

Cruise ships may have gotten a bad reputation over the past couple of years but the events that land them in news get them there because they are the exception, and not the rule. Millions of people take cruises every year that are uneventful and go off exactly as planned. Regular vacations that are planned by the individual likely have a much higher error rate than cruises, so consider one today. You will have more trouble trying to book your own flight, hotel room, and restaurant reservations than you would ever have taking a cruise, and now, you can take your cruise in combination with your passion for dancing. Save yourself a headache and some money today, and combine the two. The cruise will cover all of your food, lodging, port entry fees, leisure activities, as well as provide you with some of the best dancing of your life. There is no reason not to try one today!

luxury cruises

I can’t wait to book a regent luxury cruise.

regent luxury cruiseI have always wanted to go on a luxury cruise. To lead the life of luxury and to be well traveled. I have had so many friends who have gone on cruises and have had the time of their life. They got to go wake boarding in the gigantic wake pool on the ship and had exotic meals on the ship and in different ports. They came back with tons of trinkets for their homes and for their loved ones. They got to watch different comedy shows and tons of incredible theatrical performances. Not to mention all of the dancing. You get to listen to talented musicians singing and playing their plethora of instruments. My friends came back and they sounded so cultured and fabulous. That is something that I want to feel for myself.

So I finally booked a ticket to go on a luxury cruise with Regent Luxury Cruises. I am so excited because they have so many different all-inclusive packages that fit my myriad of desires and needs. If I am going to go on a cruise, I am going ot do it right. And thanks to regent cruises, I am able to afford to do it right. I know I won’t be sorry, in fact, this could be one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time.

Even if just for the fact I will be able to treat myself to spa days. Do you know how long it has been since I had a manicure or a pedicure? I have never had a facial before and I desperately need one. Again, I wouldn’t be able to afford any of this if it weren’t for regent’s all-inclusive luxury cruise packages. I am able to afford the luxuries because my air fare, hotel, drinks, and wireless are entirely paid for.

And now I can be a world traveler. I can continue to save up money to go on more of the regent cruises that are being offered and in ten years or less I can have been to all seven continents if I so desire. How incredible is that? I will be the biggest hit at all of the parties as I talk about my latest excursion and show off the shawl I bought while I was in Venice.

I can’t wait to try wake boarding. When I was growing up I tried water skiing several times and I was completely terrible at it, I could never even stand up. But I hear wake boarding is totally different and a lot easier. That is going to make me feel really great about myself. If it wasn’t for regent cruises, I would never be able to try all of these awesome activities. Regent just makes it so easier for you to be able to try out new things that you never would have had the opportunity to do. I also can’t say enough how excited I am that all of these amenities are included in the package.

Luxury cruises makes me feel young!

I remember the excitement I would feel when I was a young girl and we were about to go on vacation. For days and days up to the final hour of our departure I would feel the butterflies batting around in my chest like crazed bats that were caged without their say so. Or when the sun would slowly crack the night with it’s fiery fingers at dawn, how I would feel the greatest sense of peace and yet excitement that even made the first day of school pale in comparison.

There is something magical about going on vacation as a young person, because you never had to worry about the typical vacation stressors. Your father would help you pack, you didn’t need to worry about what road to take on your way, what food you would need to pack or to request days off from work. That doesn’t even touch on the biggest stressors of goinregent luxury cruisesg on vacation. Money. Ironically, we all go on vacation to become less stressed but to go on vacation, you have to have the money to do so. And to take time to make plans. And all of this can sometimes be quite stressful.

That’s why as an adult, I am constantly looking for ways to find a vacation that will not only include my young girl’s excitement of crazed bats and the dawning sun but assuage my adult fear of financial restrictions. Fortunately for me, I found Regent Luxury Cruises. They have an incredible packages that includes not only plane fare, but food, activities and even champagne.

Of all the cruises that I have looked for, Regent’s all-inclusive cruise package includes the largest variety of activities and with the biggest number of ports with over 300 different options! I wouldn’t even know where to begin! As an adult, I can feel those butterfly bats forming from within the depths of my chest, so excited to be asked to come up and play after years of dormancy. I am so grateful to have finally found an adult vacation that creates a response within me that is comparable to my young self.

So I find as I am packing my bags, there is no stress about how many pairs of jeans should I pack, or should I bring one bathing suit or two? No, I find that I can’t wait to get in the water, no matter what the cost. And if I forget something, thanks to all the money I am saving by choosing regent cruises, I can without a doubt afford to by myself a second top, that pesky five blade razor I forgot, or my bathing suit.

Not only can I afford to buy anything I might have forgotten while my excitement, not stress, has taken me over; I realize that I’ll be able to add special and unique trinkets from other countries throughout my humble apartment and slowly build my collection! Not to mention all the magnets, t-shirts and shot glasses I’ll be buying for friends and co-workers.


These Days, Luxury Cruises are one of the most Popular Kinds of Vacations.

luxury cruisesYou should never underestimate the value of taking a good vacation.  For one thing, it breaks up the monotony that comes with living with a certain routine, day-in and day-out.  No matter how much you love your job, it is good to be able to get away from it sometimes.  Of course, in addition to being a great way to relieve stress, vacations are also a lot of fun.  Everyone may have a different idea of what fun is, but there are so many destinations, there is bound to be a vacation for everyone.  These days, luxury cruises are one of the most popular kinds of vacations.  Regardless of what kind of vacation you like, you should consider taking a luxury cruise.  With a cruise, even your travel time is part of your vacation.  Plus, since some cruise lines visit locations all over the world, you can go anywhere you want with a luxury cruise.  There are many practical reasons why a luxury cruise is simply a better option than many other kinds of vacations.  They allow you to see many different destinations, during one trip.  There are certainly other ways to do this, but a luxury cruise is far more comfortable than any of them.  One of the most significant reasons why a luxury cruise is less inconvenient than other trips that involve several destinations is the fact that you do not have to change rooms.  Under ordinary circumstances, you would have to bring all of your luggage to a different hotel room at each destination.  With a cruise ship, you will keep the same accommodations for the duration of your trip, since it is inside the ship.  Another advantage of the all-inclusive cruise packages is the fact that you have all your meals provided for you, as well as entertainment and beverages.  Of course, you are not obligated to eat only the gourmet food provided by the cruise.  It is perfectly understandable if you want to sample some local cuisine, when you stop in at the various ports.  That is another advantage of taking a cruise, you have the option of getting local cuisine and entertainment, when you want it.  Of course, if you are tired for whatever reason and would rather stay on the ship for a day, that is alright, as well.  There will be no shortage of fun stuff to do on board the ship, especially between ports.  Cruises are the only way to travel in which the traveling itself is part of the fun.  There is live entertainment and fine cuisine, so the time between each port will go by sooner than you want it to.  Cruises are a great way to vacation for a plethora of reasons.  Yet another of these reasons is the fact that you get to visit an entire region during your trip, stopping at all the major ports.  Whether you want to visit the Baltic region, the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean, a Regent luxury cruise is the best way to do so.

There are Many Reasons Why Luxury Cruises are Great Vacations.

luxury cruisesPeople sometimes take for granted the importance of a good vacation.  Going on vacation every now and then is a great way to break away from your routine and have a nice time with your family, friends, significant other, or even by yourself.  Obviously, everyone has a different notion of what an ideal vacation consists of, but for the most part, people want to relax and get away from their routine.  This is an understandable desire, and most people share it.  One of the best kinds of vacations to plan is a luxury cruise.  There a bunch of reasons why luxury cruises are so great.  For one thing, you get a bunch of destinations in one.  Since cruises typically entail stopping at various ports, you get to see a bunch of different things that you may not in an ordinary vacation.  Plus, with a cruise you get the best of both worlds.  You get to travel from port to port, but you always have the same room, as it is located onboard the ship.  You can have one luxurious room for the entirety of your trip, instead of switching at every new destination.  This makes the trip much more enjoyable and far less inconvenient.  Yet another aspect of a cruise that enables you to make the best use of your vacation time is the fact that you are still having fun between ports.  When you are not at a port, you get to have fun onboard the ship, which is typically equipped with fine cuisine, excellent accommodations, and even live entertainment.  Plus, if you have chosen one of the all-inclusive cruise packages, all of these services will be readily available, without your needing to pay for anything individually.  This is yet another reason why a cruise may be the best way to distance yourself from the stress of day-to-day life.  Of course, you will also be traveling from port to port, so you may want to buy a meal for yourself here and there, just to be able to sample the local fare.  There may be some interesting dishes that you may not be familiar with.  When it comes to luxury cruises, there are many possible destinations.  For whatever reason, people often think of the Caribbean, when they think of cruises.  Interestingly enough, though, there are countless other cruise destinations that are as popular and possibly more beautiful, depending on your taste.  For one thing, a cruise does not need to be tropical.  In fact, many people enjoy cruises that go very far North, even up to the Arctic Ocean and the Baltic Sea.  Though people often think of North and South America, when they think of cruises, European cruises are very popular, too.  The Mediterranean Sea is utterly beautiful and is a great area to sail in a cruise ship.  Cruises focusing on Greece and the Greek islands have become very popular.  It is not hard to see why.  Of all the Regent cruises to choose from, perhaps none are more scenic and historically-significant than those involving the Mediterranean.